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Why We All Should Thrift

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

In an age where new clothes and styles are constantly being produced, we have become used to the throwaway mentality. Mass-produced products have made it difficult to find uniqueness and affordability in fashion. And we are constantly on the hunt for something to make us stand out while saving us money.

Recently, I have been indulging myself in an old trend that is making a comeback. Second-hand shopping or thrifting has given me access to decades worth of clothing at an affordable cost. My closet gained so many different colors and patterns, that when I wear my outfits, you can see the story each piece tells. I want to share this amazing life-hack that not only benefits me but my community and environment as well.

I hope we can all agree about how wonderful thrifting is! If you have not, head down to your local second-hand store with a friend or family member or check out our online selection of vintage clothing. Get thrifty!


Thanks for reading!

We want to see your thrifting outfits too! DM/tag us on Instagram (@vtthrift) your second-hand style!

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