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meet the team!

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about bringing sustainability and cost-efficient clothing to our community. We are composed of students whom all have a unique skill set to contribute to the overall functioning of the company. We work diligently to provide the best customer experience and to carry on our mission of environmental sustainability. 

kyle tan


Hey guys! I am a VT Alumni that graduated in 2019 as a BIT and Management major. I love thrifting (obviously) in my free time as well as traveling, eating, and being outdoors. I work a full time job outside of VTTHRIFT but always make time for the store because it's what I enjoy doing!

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savraj moore

Inventory Manager

Hey there! I'm Savraj, one of vtthrift's new sales associates. Currently, I am a senior in Fashion Merchandising and Design here at Tech. Alongside my passion for thrifting, I enjoy making and djing music, playing disc golf, and cooking for my friends. Come in the shop and say what's up!

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THEO lezla

Shop Coordinator

Hi, my name's Theo. I transferred from GMU last semester. Currently, I am a junior at VT majoring in business information technology and graduating around 2024. I enjoy weight lifting, baking, and selling old clothes. Stop in the shop and say hi!

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Ella prevette

Social Media Manager

Hey! I'm Ella, and I manage on VTTHRIFT's Social Media and website. I'm a local high school student and look forward to studying marketing in college. Besides my afinity for fashion, I love cooking, being creative, and playing & listening to music.

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sophie melton

Sales Associate

Hi guys, I'm Sophie, one of your sales associates! I'm currently a senior at Tech studying corporate finance with a minor in real estate. In my free time I enjoy listening to music/going to concerts, doing community service with my friends, and shopping (mainly for clothes of course). 

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bennett ehler

Sales Associate

Hey, my name is Bennett, I'm a junior studying BIT. Outside of work, I enjoy listening to music, fashion, and keeping up with anything basketball.

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