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An Introduction to our VTThrift Tips Series!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We’ve all heard and seen the amazing benefits that come with thrifting and shopping second-hand, but I always get questions from friends and family asking how I got into it or how I found the items I did. This is often a tricky question because these experiences are different for everyone, and it is impossible to expect the same experience in a store where everything is so unique, eclectic, and constantly changing.

So, you’re interested in shopping second hand but don’t know where to start?

Here’s some of my (in-store) go to tips!

1. Try your items on!!

I can’t stress this enough to my friends when we go out and find new pieces. Thrifting is all about exploring new styles and learning how to make pieces fit you! I can’t count the number of times I have found something that just looked decent on the hanger but completely fell in love with it when I really did try it on. When finding pieces, sometimes it can be a habit to check sizings on the tags; however, it is important to keep in mind that those sizes may be outdated, especially if it’s vintage. At VTThrift, we believe every piece deserves love-- even if it just means trying it out and not leaving with it.

2. Scan your items thoroughly.

Here's what you should look for right when you pull it off the rack: stains, rips, zippers, and pockets. In a store where millions of patterns stand out, there’s a very special moment when excitement hits as you find a really cool piece. However, it is so important to scan the piece for any imperfections. Check for pit and oil stains, and gauge whether or not it is noticeable and if it is still wearable. Thrift stores are not perfect at filtering out some of these things, so it is crucial in optimizing your thrift experience. When trying on pieces, it is also important to test out zippers, buttons, and breathability.

3. Look into how the piece should be maintained.

One of the main reasons we support shopping second hand is due to the sustainability aspect of it. It is important we strive to maintain our pieces true vintage or not, to sustain the lifetime of the article. If the piece suggests dry clean only, or something you may not be familiar with, take that into consideration when checking out. We also strongly recommend you keep in mind that our pieces are unwashed when leaving the store.

Here’s the start to our VTThrift tip series!

Comment below what else you’d love to read in our blogs as were always open to new suggestions and ideas!

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